Our Goal

Children have so much potential, talent, and curiosity. Our Goal is to help children develop to their potential and build a strong foundation for Life.

We provide several sensory-motor, social/emotional, cognitive, language/literacy, and physical experiences so children can extend their skills. We provide a collaborative environment where children work with their classmates to explore their interests.

Each child has a different schedule and personality. We provide every child with individualized and consistent care, in a safe and creative environment.

Learning Approach

Apple Land approach is Reggio Emilia influenced, but it goes far beyond this approach to seek results. We believe that education without practice is a waste. We want to help students to understand that they can make a difference in the world they live in by applying their knowledge to action and helping the influence and change that they seek to make. These are elements that Universities seek. They want intelligent individuals who are not only smart, but are actors in life who can benefit humanity.

We definitely help with standard education, but we also know that we must apply this education through practice. We want to go beyond the repetitive construct of writing and solving things, into a world where the student can use what they have learned and understand why it is important, not just for educations sake but for themselves and their future.

Apple Land program seeks to develop the child’s mind through play, but also help them express their creative thoughts. Our goal is to help children tap into and reach for their creative possibilities with the tools given. The integrated curriculum includes: reading, language arts, geography, music, art, mathematics, spelling, history, botany, physical science, physical education, social studies, and field trips.

The program is guided by individualized yet collaborative learning. Each child is a unique person with particular aptitudes and interests. The role of the Apple Land is to inspire learning through curiosity, understanding, and manipulation of the world. The teacher serves as a guide to each child in his or her own learning, exploring a diverse curriculum, and creating rich learning experiences as the child moves from concrete to abstract thinking. Our teachers match their instruction with each child’s learning style and natural talents, ensuring every child is engaged and invested in learning, and capable of achieving success.

The range of topics is limitless and the curriculum is vast. Montessori has a proud history of offering excellent hands-on, concrete materials to teach abstract concepts in both science and math. Through both in-class and out-of-class activities, students develop strong skills in the STEM area. The children explore art, music, biology, chemistry, poetry, theater, engineering, and more.

Together, children and guides create an inclusive environment that supports social and emotional development. Children help one another and come to feel that helping is part of living. The feeling in the room is more like that of an extended family, and the focus on respectful social interaction and problem solving cultivates a social maturity atypical of children of this age. The strength of these relationships allows the children to take risks, voice opinions, and creatively express themselves.

Every day is a little different, but it’s always fun!